If we disqualify every brand who has their frames made in Taiwan by another company like Giant, there would be few left outside the boutique brands. Then the trail would be nice and quiet for all the dentists to ride in peace I guess. I always assumed RSD was a Taiwan catalog bike reseller and not really a credible brand.

This is just based on current fork designs of course. With that said, there are some things I would change about the build kit choices from Pivot. As RC says, the rear tire kinda sucks and in general the tires that come on the kits aren’t set up for tubeless use and I could never seem to get them to seal properly. Ditch Kenda and go with something else, I use Racing Ralphs for Texas and Nics for going out west on rougher stuff. Also, the bike needs a chainguide and MRP makes a 2×10 specific guide that kicks ass when paired up with the ISCG adaptor.

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He is super responsive and great to deal with. “a cross-county racer with an all-day, marathon kind of mindset.” The Spur geo is the real secret sauce. You can configure it more toward Trail, or more toward XC… 1.Try a 130mm Pike on the front and a reservoir 120mm shock, and of course add volume spacers till you get it right.

And it’s the fastest XC bike I’ve ever pointed up the hill. It’s certainly not the most fun to descend, but it wasn’t that much slower or uncomfortable to ride down big descents than my modern trail bike. Spur, Epic Evo, Blur, Lux Trail, etc, have already been reviewed. I bet they will mention a few of these in their reviews of the new bikes. The Spur is a sweet bike, but it really depends on your intended use. I grew up wanting bikes that RC designed.

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Perhaps you should actually read and understand the patent? Single-pivots (or single-pivot linkages) with the main pivot located high above the BB experience lockout under power but that is NOT the same as experiencing anti-squat. The shortness of the lower link and its limited range of movement is very common to countless 4-bar designs. The only four-bars that don’t actually use short lower links with limited travel in fact are horst-links , ICT’s, and lawhill 4-bars… All of which have lower links so long that the uninformend user thinks of them as chainstays and nothing but.

To be clear…I have no problem supporting PB and Outside. I just found the abrupt shutdown and lack of communication about BETA or perks for support to be a bummer. Can you just post the huck to flat video, everything else is irrelevant.

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To top it all off, as one other person mentioned, he was Mantis bikes and is the inventor of the elevated chainstay, separate front and rear triangles, and several other major innovations. The modern mountain bike would not be where it is today without his innovations. Most people dont know that but they should. Unless you ask for a tail whip, the ‘5.7 stays on line after the wheels leave the ground and when it returns, the bike is business as usual.

  • Remember when there was only one bike over $10k in the field test?
  • I bet if you built it up with aggro-XC (“downcountry”) wheels and tires it will climb as well as any of them here but then have a competitive edge on the descents from its geo and travel.
  • Hilarious to see people who own all mountain/enduro bikes bitching about the difference between XC race, downcountry, and trail.
  • Don’t care about the bikes in the test , stoked to see WHERE these were tested.
  • We feel that the now-standard 40/28 (SRAM 39/26) double-chainring gearing is too tall for trail work unless your legs are race ready.

I’d say I’d you are not spending 9k on your bike, but do ride a lot, then you are selling yourself short. Stop compromising on your favorite hobby and compromise in other areas. 9k bikes are totally worth it, and not just for rich people.

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Get ready for some high speed fun when you turn the Mach 5.7 loose on a descent. With sharp, Super D acceleration on tap for rolling climbs and corner exits, and its point-and-shoot turning skills, the Mach 5.7 gets going in a hurry when it catches the scent of gravity. With its Shimano ICE Trail brakes, the choice to pick through the boulders or send it over the top can be made with nanosecond precision and its smooth, balanced suspension action can cover a multitude of errors.

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Do you like to sit at home and watch commercials on the teevee too? I mean i don’t pay to frequent this site so i guess i don’t really have any room to complain, but why don’t you prefer bias free reporting? RC brings many years of industry knowledge and huge amounts of ass-time on many bikes.

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I don’ t criticize rc’s bias of Chris cocacis cause he creates great riding, great quality bikes. Rolling out on the Mach 5.7 feels like a different animal than its predecessor. Where the original felt like a long-travel XC ride, the Mach 5.7’s 67-degree head angle steers with more purpose and its suspension feels deeper and more responsive. The sensation leaves the legs wondering if the Mach 5.7 will be a disappointment when powering on the flats or when the climbs begin.

As someone also going through TBI/PCS from a bike crash, I really feel for her. It’s insane how difficult it can be to do things when your brain isnt firing the normal way. Best of luck with the recovery, alicia. My next bike will be either US or Canadian made.

I think everybody would love to test bikes, it could be interesting to see how it actually works. At Pinkbike adspace isn’t even really paying for reviews. Bikes are submitted for review by companies that advertise, and by companies that don’t advertise, and we like to think that they all get fair, honest reviews. And as Brad mentioned https://cryptolisting.org/ Richard is more than qualified to right a great review of this bike. He may have gray hair and glasses but he knows how to ride a bike and understands the technical aspects as well as most engineers. People need to quit associating RC with MBA just because he used to work there, there is a huge difference between the two…

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Bike companies read the reviews as well, so even Pivot’s competitors are taking note as to what revisions they can make in the future to build a better bike. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, and helps, even if minutely, to progress the industry. The DW-link is a virtual pivot design just like the VPP, Haro Virtual Link, EVERY horst-linked 4-bar, Ellsworth’s ICT and Rocky Mountain’s Smoothlink/ETS . The placement of the upper and lower links and where they pivot at determine the axle path and the actual point in space that the rear axle pivots around as the suspension compresses.

Quite excited by this review, would love to see enduro bike v down country with the control tyres on, switch the tyres around between the bikes and ride enduro and downcountry. Speaking of the Following, since Evil was not present in PB’s tests for a long time, you could omit it now also. If I remember correctly, the first generation of Following was marketed as a “Mini Downhill” bike. It is clearly a short-travel trail bike. I got a Trek Session and I like it fine, but as a heavier guy I find myself reaching for my XC bike more often. I do feel like it is hard to pedal Session a bit, and the XC bike is more fun on the climbing trails.

As someone else commented- it’s a DW bike with full XTR, what’s not to like? RC did a good job of showcasing the Mach 5.7’s traits. You can call it an ad or bias because it is information to influence xtroptions price someone’s buying decisions. If you were in the market for this bike, wouldn’t you want to know everything you can about it? The goal here is to provide the riding community with information.