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It has also come to the attention of many in the industry that for more than a decade major book publishers have been printing many more copies of books than they licensed rights to print. Given these examples maybe there is no way for photographers to get reasonable compensation for their efforts. Maybe the whole idea of licensing stock images as a business is no longer practical for a photographer. I launched Selling Stock in 1990 with the goal of helping professional photographer understand the stock photography business and the opportunities it offered. For a couple decades many photographers earned significant additional revenue from the licensing of stock images.

When I first got into stock photography in the 1960s the idea was that stock images were outtakes from assignments, or occasionally something you shot when you had nothing better to do than sit around drinking a beer. There was no great expectation of earning money from such images, but if you did it was a windfall and not something on which you should base a business. Most stock photographers need to return to this way of thinking.

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One of the things that makes prognostication difficult in the photography industry is that there is almost no good, solid public data upon which to base decisions or opinions. Very few individuals or companies make data related to their business operations public. I don’t know enough about Dan Heller’s business or what he earns from direct sales to speak intelligently about his business model.

  • A tidal wave of change is overtaking the photography world, both assignment and stock photography.
  • The information provided will be applicable to part-timers as well as full time professional photographers.
  • There must be a system that allows the best images to be used for personal as well as commercial purposes.
  • Consumers do not want to search through hundreds or thousands of sites, each using different search methods, in order to find an image they can use.
  • Jim Pickerell (b. James Howard Pickerell, June 9, 1936, Dayton, Ohio) is a career photojournalist who took photographs for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Documerica project in the early 1970s.
  • Later we found it necessary to reduce the royalty to 65%, but are still operating on that basis.

When the distributor licenses images as either single images, or part of a subscription the company competes against itself. We also know that those who market the same images through multiple sites always make more money than those represented exclusively by one company. The iPad, in particular, has the potential to become a widely used tool in the field of education. A tidal wave of change is overtaking the photography world, both assignment and stock photography. According to aerial stock agency HOsiHO it is becoming harder and harder for video images creators to earn enough to support themselves. There has been a decline in assignments and prices for the use of video clips have declined so much that professional independent videographers are finding it difficult to justify continued production.

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Aim for enjoying what you do and giving your customers the best you can do. Microstock is trying to find ways to raise its prices without losing its base. It has defined different bodies of work as being of higher quality and priced these Pickerell, Jim images at a higher level. The problem with this strategy is that the higher priced images will never be used by the customers with limited budgets. Thus, those who only license their images at the “higher prices” lose potential sales.

Pickerell, Jim

The information provided will be applicable to part-timers as well as full time professional photographers. We’ll leave it to others to teach photographers how to take better pictures. If you are under 55 the stock photography business will be dead as a way of earning a living long before https://wave-accounting.net/ you are ready to quite working. Recognize that I am not saying the photography business will be dead, just the stock part of it. The use of microstock will continue to grow while the use of images priced using the rights-managed and traditional royalty-free models will decline.

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We are looking for ways to maximize the return for our photographers as long as possible. We are also trying to be frank and open with them and help them understand that they need to be thinking about re-invention and transitioning to some other line of work. None of the photographers we represent are totally dependent on us for their livelihood. I think Corbis and Veer are struggling to find a model that works, but I don’t think this new strategy will be successful. I agree that all sites should eventually have images available at all price points.

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Elementary students will no longer have to carry heavy book bags, just a simple iPad. They will learn using the tools of their future careers, not outdated 20th Century ways of learning.

Pickerell, Jim